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Samhain Eve: Part 5

Submitted by FALLEN at 2011-07-14 12:21:36 EDT
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Jess brushed graveyard dirt off her ass then straightened out her clothes.

“That was great Frank, and you got here just in time too. Who knows what that pervy scumbag ghost would have done if you didn’t show up.”

“Damn good thing I brought my Proton Pack then.”
Frank swung the wand over his shoulder with a heroic flourish and snapped it back into its holder.

They made their way back to Jessica’s grandmothers grave, careful not to step on any more graves. She relit the candles and proceeded with the ritual as frank stood guard, watchful for any other interruptions.

Jess finished her incantation and settled back waiting for it to take effect.

“So why’s this so important that you do this? What’s she got to tell you that she hasn’t all the other times?”

Jess stood and faced Frank.
“My grandmother was rich, like really rich, and like most people her age she didn’t trust banks much at all. There’s some rule or whatever about how much information the dead can tell on any visit to the living world and tonight I get the last piece of the puzzle.”

From behind her the candle slightly flared and sizzled. Frank looked over her shoulder to see what was happening. Jess grabbed his face and said.
“Its nothing babe, just part of the spell.”

She pressed her lips to his and slid her hand down to his growing bulge. She deftly undid his pants and removed his cock.

“I’ll make this all up to you I promise. Trust me?”

Suddenly the candle flashed an iridescent blue and the spirit of her grandmother appeared. The ghostly image was of her in the dress she was buried in, tattered and worn with age. White stringy hair flowed down past her shoulders and she stared at them with her eyeless sockets.
Jess positioned herself behind Frank and slowly moved him toward the specter.
Her voice, more like a screech “Oh daughter of my daughter, he’s wonderful and so masculine”
Glancing down at his still exposed dick.
“He will fill my needs well”

“Wait!” Frank protested “you think I’m fucking her? That?”

“It’s the last piece, just think of the money. She was all kinds of rich.”

He paused and considered the reward and then said.
“well it will be your body right? Like fuck nuts over there wanted to use my body to screw you?”

“Well not exactly Frank, there are other ways”

Frank’s attention turned back to the ghost as he felt an ice cold bony grip around his crank.

“I just need this part of you in the spirit realm, sweetmeat.”

Frank watched in horror as his junk glowed and he stared down at his throbbing translucent member.

“Come Franklin; let me show you the pleasures of this toothless mouth.” She said as she smiled revealing only rotted gums.

“Ok granny, you win but how bout you SUCK MY PROTON WAND, BITCH!!!”
With a fluid motion he drew the wand from the pack and aimed.
Flipping the switch…nothing.

Franticly he looked back over his shoulder and saw Jessica holding the power coupling in her hand.
“Sorry baby, but it’s the only way.”

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Submitted by FALLEN (user info) at 2011-07-14 09:28:17 PDT (#)
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bringing UBER back
thats what we're doing



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I'm pretty sure having sex for the first time will do it.

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Yournamehere needs a hug.

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Fucking awesome FALLEN, fucking awesome.

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MIL-RD-PL-0001 Read, Pleasant, (1) ea.

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Submitted by FALLEN at 2011-07-14 12:28:17 EDT (#)
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bringing UBER back
thats what we're doing


Submitted by YourNameHere at 2011-07-14 12:27:10 EDT (#)
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this is your literary lemonparty, yes?


Burns: Oh, quit cogitating, Steinmetz, and use an open-faced club! A
sand wedge!

Homer: Mmm ... open-faced club sandwich.

Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield