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Disappoint me.

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-03 19:08:07 EST
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From the moment I laid eyes on you, you've been nothing but a disappointment.

My best friend, roommates, and mom all wondered then, and still wonder now, what it was about you that kept me around. They wonder now what it is about you that keeps me coming back. The answer? You affect me.

Very few men have had the effect on me that you once did. Back when, I wanted to believe that there was good in you, despite seemingly everyone around me - including yourself and your own close friends - telling me that you were an asshole through and through.

But I saw glimpses of good in you. I wanted so badly to believe that you were a good person somewhere in the deep recesses of your soul...wanted to believe that you HAD a soul. I think you suspected my motives and delighted in proving me wrong; in disappointing me. I'll never know, obviously, but part of me believes that you didn't want to be held to that standard of goodness that I had built up for you in my mind.

Maybe you just didn't want to be pegged as a "nice guy". Nice guys finish last, they say. I never really liked nice guys; still don't. I just wanted you to be a good one. And until your acidic attempts to prove me wrong wore the shine off my faith in you, I thought you were a good guy. Alas, after all of my searching in your soul proved fruitless, I became acutely aware that there was no goodness to be found in you.

Now that I know - and believe - the truth, I'm never proven wrong. I'm not disappointed at all. Just as the good guy can occasionally fuck up and be an asshole, so can the asshole occasionally fuck up, and display an act of goodness. I guess that's all I saw, when I saw those glimpses.

I have always wanted someone in my life that made me want to be a better person, but with you, I've always become a worse one when in your company. It used to be in the form of the spineless doormat, but now I'm assuming a different role, justifying acts I once abhorred.

I'm terrified of the karmic consequences, particularly because a) I never get away with anything and b) I have little remorse for what I'm doing, which means I have no real plan of stopping. That fact alone is scary and foreign to me. It's made me a gentler, less judgmental person in some ways, but mostly, I don't recognize myself. (I didn't recognize the doormat, either.) But I do recognize you: you're the same asshole you've always proved to be.

You used to get such a kick out of disappointing me; pity you stopped. Part of me wishes you'd disappoint me again.

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Submitted by Caulaincourt at 2013-01-29 18:48:25 EST (#)

You need a guy like me in your life but you go for wiggers like SICO, stop complaining.

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-14 20:24:19 EST (#)

Submitted by redskieslookfake at 2013-01-14 14:19:06 EST (#)

is that why he bought that microscope?

Submitted by HurtByTheSun at 2013-01-14 13:47:40 EST (#)
Rating: -1

I thought this would be a picture of Sico's penis.

Submitted by Anglophile at 2013-01-12 19:24:33 EST (#)
Rating: 2

Submitted by asmasta808 at 2013-01-12 03:15:04 EST (#)
Rating: -2

-4 kick of powah!!!

Submitted by i_can_get_you_a_toe at 2013-01-11 02:32:53 EST (#)
Rating: -2

'I hooked up with fat /ugly / abuse victims because that was all I could get, and they still rejected me'

- Perkman

Submitted by Perk "Grownman Perkiness" man at 2013-01-10 02:17:17 EST (#)
Rating: 2

I know this exactly feeling... I used to be that guy, that would go out and make friends, or pick girls that were damaged goods, as if to show the world "Look they ain't that bad, look at there heart, or I can show you there good"... why? because I knew people thought I was a bad guy due to how I was when I was younger(grade school) I'd liken myself to the River Pheonix's character in "Stand by me" that was me. I was considered a bad kid, from a "bad/good family" in our town, and people hated my mother so much they wanted me to be "bad", same as teachers. So they tried to make me bad. So I got a complex of picking shitty friends, or bad crowds, or bad girls to show that "Look, if they ain't that bad, then I can't be as bad as you think? or if you can see how good they are, you can see how good I am."

It's a funny thing, self reflection. Stop doing that Sage, stop picking bad friends, or bad relationships, or bad people. I decided at age 25 that I'm not going to be "Captain save a ho" as some of my buds say. I mess with good hearted people, and I only deal with them, unless it's business. But if it isn't business this is my qoute.

" I ain't your dad, your mom, or girlfriend, so I don't need you're bullshit!" I've said that to people before, and people understand not to fuck with me, But I'm always polite, it costs nothing to be polite... Winston Churchill taught me that.

"When you're killing a man, it costs nothing to be polite"- Winston Churchill

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-08 19:23:16 EST (#)

<3 below

Submitted by Spam at 2013-01-08 17:35:45 EST (#)
Rating: 2


Submitted by RoadSong at 2013-01-08 01:37:58 EST (#)

Has anyone here ever been, or is anyone going?
Speak with Wisher....

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-07 23:36:21 EST (#)

There are some people that come into our lives and imprint us permanently, to be perfectly cliche. The subject of this post is that person in my life. Contrary to your belief, I actually have learned my "lesson", and am no longer able to be hurt or otherwise disappointed by this individual, as the above post suggests.

I'd be interested in reading whatever it is you write wherever it is you're writing it nowadays. On the off chance you're willing to share, email me at lily13.at.live.com. Otherwise, my point was actually to tell you to re-publish what you've already written here.


Submitted by Badlands at 2013-01-07 18:05:52 EST (#)

Did you call me a "jackass"?? haha...my favorite insult.

Look doll...I have no interest in making fun of you. But you're not a child. So why are you writing about the "bad boy" and how he hurt you? Still affected. You pretend you've learned, but you haven't. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

And for the record, I'm STILL pretty good at writing. I just don't publish here. I've learned, much like you should, to focus efforts on those who deserve...

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-07 11:57:56 EST (#)

don't worry about bead storage

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-07 08:55:36 EST (#)

Sidebar - I'm officially going to Mardi Gras this year!!!!! Has anyone here ever been, or is anyone going? Got any advice?

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-07 08:48:58 EST (#)

Dropkick Murphys, Ridic.

Submitted by ridiculous at 2013-01-07 06:26:13 EST (#)
Rating: 1

I recommend a song called "The Dirty Glass" by... Fuck I don't remember. At any rate, think we all been there, here's to cathartic writings. Good luck.

Submitted by EmissionImpossible at 2013-01-06 12:44:32 EST (#)

i didn't know sarah jessica parker was on uber

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-06 10:54:44 EST (#)

Someone should do an RIP post...

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-06 10:54:09 EST (#)

You won't believe this, Oathy, but I actually did think that one up while brushing my teeth. I'm officially dying laughing.

Submitted by OathMeal at 2013-01-06 09:55:47 EST (#)
Rating: 2

Cute, Sage.

Did you think that up during the hour it takes you to brush those mammoth teeth of yours?

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-06 09:48:26 EST (#)

Your face brought the burn. To my eyes.

Submitted by OathMeal at 2013-01-05 10:49:23 EST (#)
Rating: 1

Oooooo Badlands brought the BURN.

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-04 20:14:02 EST (#)

Instead of cussing me out why dont you actually publish something, jackass? Once upon a time you used to be pretty good at writing.

Submitted by Badlands at 2013-01-04 19:48:47 EST (#)
Rating: -2

You're not an idiot. Grow the fuck up.

Submitted by RoadSong at 2013-01-04 16:26:38 EST (#)
Rating: 2

....I thought you were a good guy
At least you found out before you married and had kids...

Submitted by ilikesteak at 2013-01-04 16:04:44 EST (#)
Rating: 2

Well, this was nice. Maybe I'll write something later.

Submitted by CaptainThorns at 2013-01-04 09:37:58 EST (#)

If it'll make you feel any better, I've learned that life is one crushing
defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.

-- Homer Simpson
Homer and Apu

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-04 08:36:00 EST (#)

Installment seven.

Submitted by S.I. Co. at 2013-01-04 08:20:54 EST (#)
Rating: 1

Well gosh this is rubbish! This is about Wardo isn't it? Because I can tell you for a fact, that the person you have written this about, you're far off on this one. But I guess that's what makes opinions unique, huh?

Submitted by i_can_get_you_a_toe at 2013-01-04 05:31:49 EST (#)
Rating: 0

Ugh bad boys. Been there. Nice guys are the way to go.

Submitted by redskieslookfake at 2013-01-04 05:03:29 EST (#)

you still unemployed whysie?

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-04 04:53:28 EST (#)

as long as you're happy

Submitted by redskieslookfake at 2013-01-04 04:52:03 EST (#)

I think I'd catch the latter from the former.

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-04 04:46:31 EST (#)

i suppose, having had both, you can make such a decision with confidence

Submitted by redskieslookfake at 2013-01-04 04:23:11 EST (#)

the junior chemist? I'd rather get cat AIDS.

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-04 04:14:57 EST (#)

he's got a wee boner for sico

Submitted by redskieslookfake at 2013-01-04 04:04:15 EST (#)


Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-04 03:37:55 EST (#)

limpet sounds jealous

Submitted by redskieslookfake at 2013-01-04 03:06:48 EST (#)

jesus christ. This is about Sico again isn't it? Get over him ffs. It's not even embarrassing any more, it's tragic.

Submitted by Quartermain at 2013-01-04 00:54:20 EST (#)
Rating: 2

I've been on both sides of this, back when I was younger. Not something I'd want to go back to.

Submitted by Yozz at 2013-01-03 22:30:46 EST (#)
Rating: -1

Insert ASCII face palm picture, here.

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-03 22:30:31 EST (#)

Sadist, below.

Submitted by OathMeal at 2013-01-03 22:09:10 EST (#)
Rating: 1

I found it easy to masturbate to this.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2013-01-03 21:21:08 EST (#)

Amazingly enough, I still have no interest.

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2013-01-03 20:31:13 EST (#)
Rating: 2

so i guess this is your letter to ubersite

goddamn you must be a tedious person to know

have some points!

Submitted by Sage at 2013-01-03 19:44:44 EST (#)

You could never disappoint me, Shlongy.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2013-01-03 19:37:05 EST (#)
Rating: 0

If this isn't about me, I have no interest.

Oh, well, of course, everything looks bad if you remember it.

-- Homer Simpson
El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer