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GrUeBERfest 2013 R2 Entry: "He Knows Best"

Submitted by FALLEN at 2013-10-18 12:00:25 EDT
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“Following the deaths of fifteen people at Sunnyvale retirement home, police are saying it appears that a faulty heating unit flooded the facility with carbon monoxide late Monday night, asphyxiating thirteen elderly residents and two staff members. Administration insists that the heating unit was not at fault and was regularly maintained. An Investigation is underway.”

Jake clumsily hit the button switching the radio to another station, as he wiped his hand with a rag.

“The body of another young woman was found in Westin Park yesterday, police have not yet released the victims name or any details but witnesses have said there are similarities to the recent deaths of eight other women in the last year.”

Placing the rag on the seat next to him, he ran his fingers through his hair and looked out the window at the falling leaves. It was mid October; children were back in school not on the streets, safe.

“Are they?” he asked

Jake furrowed his brow and changed the station once again.

“…the Washington Post reports that there are upwards of 30million people living in slavery in the world today. According to repor..”

He sighed and switched the radio off.

“No, leave it on.”

“Why? It’s nothing but bad news all the time. I don’t want to listen to it anymore.”

“And that my friend is exactly why the world is the way it is, the complacency of good men like you. The unwillingness to take action, by those that can, for those that can’t.”

Jake sighed; he knew he was right, he was always right. He switched the radio back on, but lowered the volume as report of another Middle East bombing came on.

“You know…someone once told me ‘you can’t save the world’”

“I remember…fuck her and her lies. She was a train wreck herself. You can make a difference, you always have. Look how much we’ve done already.”

“I guess, it wasn’t just her Peter and Bill always said that I cared too much about other people. They said it wasn’t healthy.”

“How is caring too much a flaw? You see my friend; this is why you don’t talk to them anymore. They are part of the world’s poison. You don’t need them, you never have.”

He was right again; Jake stopped talking to Pete and Bill after that business with Jennifer. Jake knew they wouldn’t approve of his actions, they were flawed like the rest of this fucked up world. He didn’t need any friends except for one. His closest friend, he understood, he knew what need to be done, he understood. But the things he suggested…

“You’re worried aren’t you?”

“I…I’m just concerned. Are you sure this is right? They are so young.”

“And that is the point Jacob, now is the time to act before this world can get to them. Wasn’t I right about the whores?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“But what Jake? They destroyed the foundation of society and family with their sex. They needed to be stopped.”

“Those last two were just teenagers though; the last one you pointed out to me was in college.”

“See, corrupting men who should be studying and not focusing on getting their cocks sucked.”

“But she was coming from the library, she wasn’t doing anything.”

“THEN, Jacob, she wasn’t doing anything then.” He scolded.

His words made so much sense. Why would he lie? He was always there for as long as Jake could remember. Even as a child he had been there. When that kid took his truck at the playground all those years ago, he was the one that gave Jake the courage to take it back. And when that kid hit him it was his good idea to grab that rock and hit him back.
A lot.

“Yes my friend I have always been there for you.”

He interrupted

“…So I knew you would share my vision of how we could fix this world. You know first hand this world wants only to feed off of human suffering, and that’s why we need to make it end.”

“That’s why we helped the people at Sunnyvale…”

“Yes my friend for so long they suffered, being kept alive like that in that home. You know it was little more than storage for the elderly, you saw it with your own eyes. They stopped living ever since their families dumped them off there and forgot about them. Now they sleep, they find the peace that you have given them.”

Jake’s eyes fell to the small gray box on the seat. Picking it up he ran his thumb across the solitary button in the middle.

“Now my friend it the time to make a difference, to deny this world its feast of sorrow before it starts. Don't you see? You will spare them all those years of sadness. You will set them free from decades of pain and misery. You know this is the best thing for them, you know I’m right. Don’t you my friend?”

Jake started the ignition on his van and pulled out of the school’s parking lot. He smiled and pressed the button. The detonators fired sequentially, first igniting the gallon jugs of gasoline in the vents above the entrance doors, rendering them useless for an exit, then finally destroying the main gas line as it entered the building. Within a few minutes it would all be over.

“Yes, you are always right.”


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Submitted by Dervel at 2013-10-21 08:32:09 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

If only this happened in Calgary! :(

Submitted by orphelia at 2013-10-20 16:49:37 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Nice little read dude

Submitted by RoadSong at 2013-10-18 16:46:29 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Hot DAMN great story!!

Submitted by skrapmetal at 2013-10-18 13:28:56 EDT (#)

Reverend Lovejoy:
Homer, this is really low.

Homer: Not as low as my low, low prices!

Mr. Plow