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GrUeBERfest round 3: Pride Goeth Before The Fall

Submitted by FALLEN at 2013-10-28 15:57:23 EDT
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“What do we have?”

Timothy could feel himself being wheeled into the emergency room, but was unable to speak. He could hear the paramedics explaining.

“Caucasian male, 38 years of age, two GSW. He’s lost a lot of blood.”

He felt for a moment as if he fell asleep, only for a second. When he opened his eyes he could see the doctors working on his body. He felt fine, at peace. He struggled to remember what had happened. He was at the Center and speaking to Vincent he knew that much. Like many gang members, Vincent was required as part of his probation to attend classes at the community outreach where Timothy volunteered.
Timothy had been there for years. As part of his Christian upbringing taught him it was the right thing to do. He would council the poor inner-city youth to help them make better choices. He also could minister to them and preach God’s word. He could make a difference he felt.

The activity around his body increased and Timothy could see them getting defibrillator paddles ready to use on him.
None of this concerned Timothy and his thoughts drifted back to what happened.

Vincent and he had been speaking when there were sounds of an argument in the hall. Suddenly there was another young African American man in the doorway. He pulled a gun and started screaming profanities at Vincent. There were two loud pops, like a car backfiring then a sharp pain on his side.

And now he was here.

A white light suddenly flooded the room commanding his full attention and Timothy felt drawn to it. He began to walk to the light and his thoughts were of Heaven.

“It’s true”

He thought smugly of all the non-believers and their doubts of an afterlife, what fools they were to not have faith in the Lord. He thought for a moment of his beloved Sarah but he knew that she would be with him one day in paradise. The Emergency room faded like an out of focus picture as he took each step toward the light.

Suddenly before him a large figure of a man appeared. He was dressed in flowing white robes and his hair was white as snow. Upon his face was a majestic beard and in his hand a golden staff. His voice was like thunder as he spoke…

“Hold Timothy Courtright, this is not yet your time.”

Tim fell to his knees before the figure, and though there was little doubt he found the courage to ask who the man was.

“I am the Lord, thy God. Before you stands the kingdom of Heaven but this day is not the day for you to enter my glory. You have more work to do on Earth. You will continue to spread my word to those below for you are held in great renown by me.”

These words rang true within Timothy, he long felt that he had a higher place among men. Surly that is why God had blessed him while others suffered.

“Yes my Lord, I am ever your servant.”

“Now return, and do my bidding.”

Perhaps it was the moment or the newly bolstered pride within him that gave him the courage as he rose from his knees. Timothy stopped and spoke again.

“My Lord, if I may…I have a question.”

For just a spit second, Timothy thought he saw a look of shock on God’s face.

“Will your children ever find their way? Will they all learn to coexist regardless of the color of their skin?”

He thought for moment and then rubbed his beard.

“My son, I’m going to let you in on something, the Negro isn’t people.”

Tim’s head reeled at this statement. This is what ignorant bigots’ would say, not God.

“I know this is hard for you to understand, but I made them as a servant race. It should have been obvious. Behold…”

He waved his hand and before him the shape of a white male appeared.

“As you see all of my creations look the same except for minor regional differences…”

As he explained the figure shifted from White to Asian to Middle Eastern then it stopped at a Black man.

“Yet one is blatantly different from the others. They were created to be a servant, designed for strength and stamina. Certainly Timothy, you have noticed this? The turmoil mankind feels is from their misplaced kindness to this tool I have given unto you. They rebel because well minded people treat them like they are more than just animals.”

Timothy stood quietly; he had heard such words of hate before but this is different, this was no bigot, this was the Almighty.
Who was he to question God himself?

“Now go from my presence and take the knowledge I have given unto you.”

He turned and headed back to his body when the voice boomed again.

“Hold Timothy, I am a benevolent god and you are my faithful servant, for your reward I say that you may take thy intern Brooke and quell thy desires with her.”

Brooke was a college student that helped at the center, Tim found her attractive and he felt that Brooke had something of a crush on him.

“But… I’m… what about Sarah?” Tim stammered.

The figure shifted once again, into the form of Brooke. Times eyes fell to her breasts and then her hips, desire rose within him.

“I created all things and the carnal desires also come from me. The religions that deny such feelings are creations of man and not the Lord. They are an affront to my design. Go and do as thy will with her flesh.”

Tim bowed his head and he felt himself slide back into his body.

The man turned to “Brooke” and rubbed his beard.

“Great tits.”


“Brooke” dropped down to the floor and her feet became hooves as she did. Black wings unfurled off his back as the demon took his normal form.

“What a fucking idiot, can you believe he fell for all that shit?”

“Oh I know”
Said the first, as he also reverted from the white robes into his demonic form.
“I was simply going to pump him full of pride and a sense of entitlement; I never guessed he would get all “cant-we-all-just-get-along?” on me.”

“That was fucking awesome idea to catch them when they are close to death, so much easier than moving Ouija boards or possessing someone.

“I’ll say, oh look another ambulance is pulling in, get ready.”

“I get to be ‘God’ this time.”


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'Bedazzled' (1967).

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Submitted by RoadSong at 2013-10-28 17:26:58 EDT (#)
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A white light suddenly flooded the room commanding his full attention and Timothy felt drawn to it. He began to walk to the light and his thoughts were of Heaven.

Beware FIRST light...

Submitted by skrapmetal at 2013-10-28 16:27:28 EDT (#)

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