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Had to look up what a THOT is. Yeah...
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A Message to the Ferguson Rioters

Submitted by JonnyX at 2014-11-25 13:02:15 EST
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Enjoy your pre-Black Friday deals on auto parts, cell phones, and fake-ass weaves!
Enjoy the 100% discount!
(Some goods may be smoke-damaged)

(and now, a sorbet, to clense the palate)



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Submitted by DaBeast at 2014-12-02 12:08:07 EST (#)

Her hair matches her... everything else. Even her skin is photoshopped to match same. If I wanted to look at a curvy brown blob, I'd be looking in Shlongy's direction. Notice that I never, ever look in Shlongy's direction. That way lies madness.

Submitted by Loren at 2014-12-02 10:52:55 EST (#)

A Robert Englund look-a-like in his 50's using the "LOL" acronym is just sad Shlongy.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2014-11-29 16:23:45 EST (#)

LOL, below.

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2014-11-29 16:02:44 EST (#)

Submitted by Loren1 at 2014-11-29 14:43:06 EST (#)
Shlongy, stop being a dick. Pun intended.

that's a piss-poor pun


he forwarded that picture of your snatch, btw


Submitted by Loren at 2014-11-29 14:43:06 EST (#)

Shlongy, stop being a dick. Pun intended.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2014-11-29 13:45:53 EST (#)
Rating: 0

Loren; How could I ever forget you? I still have that beave shot you emailed me... many, many moons ago. I love you.

And that line about "the land that time forgot" is pretty solid.

Submitted by Loren at 2014-11-29 12:32:26 EST (#)

Shlongy, I like picking fights. It warms my bitter, old heart. I see you haven't changed much, still thinking of little other than tugging on your sad, flaccid little penis. This site is like the land that time forgot.

Submitted by OathMeal at 2014-11-27 11:14:15 EST (#)

Ubersite D-lister chasing fellow D-lister tail, below.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2014-11-27 08:36:06 EST (#)

How did I miss THAT classic exchange? Loren stops by for the first time in 8 years to start flaming the joint?

Some things never change.

I still wonder if her snatch stays bitter all the time. Doesn't make me want to bang it any less.

Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2014-11-26 17:42:20 EST (#)


Submitted by grÜeMaster emeritus and uberlord supreme at 2014-11-26 17:26:32 EST (#)

buahahahahahahahaha that was hilarious

loren v jeannee

the brow versus the cow

the spinster versus the chinster


Submitted by Tyrone at 2014-11-26 16:19:41 EST (#)

loren u sound like a bitch

leave jeaneee alone cunt ass ho

Submitted by Loren at 2014-11-26 13:28:03 EST (#)

Yes. I am old. Depending on who's asked. You strike me as young and stupid, and for some reason, I get the feeling you're fat.
I hope you bring a large cover-up to the beach, for the sake of the other beach-goers.

When did I ever call you a racist? I can view the history here and I see that I called you a stupid cow, and a sanctimonious moron... but nope, never went down the race road.
I don't have anything against most racists. I just don't tolerate stupidity very well, which is why I instantly disliked what you had to say.

Submitted by Fucking foul at 2014-11-26 12:59:03 EST (#)

Mooooo. I mean, nurrrr. Are you old? You sound old.

(I really did laugh out loud. Mostly because you said "nasty afro" in the same breath as calling me racist.) My family and I are leaving for the beach now, have a good one

Submitted by Loren at 2014-11-26 12:00:46 EST (#)

You're really laughing out loud? It makes me ill that there are morons like you still using that.
And, if I were any calmer, I'd be in a coma, you stupid cow.

Submitted by Fucking foul at 2014-11-26 11:49:49 EST (#)

LOL calm down you cunt

Submitted by Loren at 2014-11-26 11:41:29 EST (#)

Oh god. Another one.
I am guessing you're white. As am I. And I am far from liberal, but who are you to yap about how disgusting is is to wear someone else's hair? If you had a nasty afro on your head then you'd be in a place to say something about it.
The fact is, women like to have HAIR.
And you're a sanctimonious moron.

Submitted by Fucking foul at 2014-11-26 11:35:15 EST (#)


Submitted by Loren at 2014-11-26 11:02:06 EST (#)

What nationality are you Jeanneee?

Submitted by Fucking foul at 2014-11-26 10:54:43 EST (#)

Some weaves are made with real human hair (mostly collected - stolen, really - off the floors of Hindu temples where people have "donated" it to the gods). Personally I would no sooner wear a weave of someone else's cut-off hair than I would wear a suit made out of someone else's cut-off skin, but I am definitely in the minority on that.

Submitted by FALLEN at 2014-11-26 10:27:40 EST (#)
Rating: 2

Much better Jonny, not a hint of penis on this one.

Submitted by OathMeal at 2014-11-26 10:22:23 EST (#)
Rating: 1

"fake-ass weaves"

...as opposed to real-ass weaves?

Submitted by Hadooken at 2014-11-26 10:08:27 EST (#)
Rating: -2

Fuck Black Friday.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2014-11-25 21:32:22 EST (#)
Rating: 0

Please don't tarnish the Shlongy brand by mentioning him and oathmeal in the same sentence.

Submitted by RoadSong at 2014-11-25 17:05:22 EST (#)
Rating: 1

One of the best photos I have seen you post...

Submitted by tenofspades at 2014-11-25 15:35:58 EST (#)
Rating: 2

for the hot girl.

Submitted by Habeeb Thomas PhD at 2014-11-25 13:19:50 EST (#)
Rating: 2

Dem whacky spooks

I know you're mad at me right now, and I'm kinda mad too ... I mean, we
could sit here and try to figure out who forgot to pick up who till the
cows come home. But let's just say we're both wrong and that'll be that.

-- Homer Simpson
Brother from the Same Planet