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Ubersite's POST OF THE DAY! (7/01/15)

Submitted by pen_name at 2015-07-02 00:22:22 EDT
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Ubersite's POST OF THE DAY! (6/30/15) by pen_name

Review: There were three posts today, and while I chose one of my own, I find it was the least dog-crapish.

In it, I reviewed ETS's take on gay marriage, which consisted of a picture of Peter Cook from The Princess Bride and the text of his memorable speech, albeit altered, with "gay" and "gay marriage" interspersed throughout. While I didn't like the post per se, I thought my review encapsulated the feeling I had when I looked at it...Plus, it gave me an opportunity to talk shit.

2 stars out of 4


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Submitted by pen_name at 2015-07-03 00:35:18 EDT (#)

Submitted by Anglophile at 2015-07-02 22:47:02 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

I'll start adding more British slang for you my anglophilic friend. Cheers!

Submitted by Anglophile at 2015-07-02 22:47:02 EDT (#)
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Submitted by JonnyX at 2015-07-02 12:58:59 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

These are like the 'Entertainment Tonight' series of shitposts...I have to say, they're growing on me as well...

Submitted by Yozz at 2015-07-02 10:04:44 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

OK, I give up. I like these posts. Well done.

Y'know, Simpson, I feel kinda silly, but, uh, you know, what
the hey, you know ... kinda reminds me of my good ole
fraternity days.

Homer: D'oh! Oh my God! He's enjoying it!

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