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Chasing the Afterglow...

Submitted by Perk "Grownman Perkiness" man at 2017-09-11 23:38:14 EDT
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Please listen to this while you read....21 Savage-Bank Account

Chasing the afterglow...

I look at old pictures, old friends, old frames... it's sad.

We moved on.. silly me, thought it'd last forever... nothing does.

Nothing ever does... nothing. It's all mud, dirt, grease, slime, and pain... why?

Why is nobility so hard for people? I said once to all my friends, "Someone has to stay noble and loyal in this life and it's going to be me"... with a defiant glare. The funny part is I've lost the most friends. People aren't men anymore. Friends are not noble anymore. No one is true.

I figured out that most friendships don't last since one person has to be "selfish" and doesn't want to be held to any "standard". Then these same people whine, and cry that "I have no friends, no one likes me, everyone quit talking to me"... as if it just happened out of thin air.

It would've behooved them to learn edicts such as truth, loyalty, love... but they did not.

Since I adhere to these things these so called friends fall off like over picked scabs on your flesh. Just like the shedding of a carcasses as a butterfly changes... this is what has happened.

Now I find myself at expensive parties in Hollywood. Rich Arabs everywhere, drunk on booze, smoking hashish. They seem happy, with their 3,000 dollar tables, and they look for "Friendship"(But one thing I respect about them. They roll with their friends and family... Cousins, friends, brothers everywhere), as girls dance for love, for an acting role, but truly for a check. Celebs from the A list to the D list dance around me, no camera's, watching them snort lines...( They can do a lot. One celeb is a beast with it, and he's been on big pictures.. savage.) Just watched a video a fat, chubby, charming, half black/half Arab, that pulls up in a Red Ferrari at my job showed me. His buddy fucking a gorgeous, straight up 9.1112... wild. I guess it's nice when you're rich, huh Shlongy?

I guess it's all empty. My friends have changed like the wind, as if a tornado came though and tore my room asunder. Unequivocally I'm losing the real for the fake... funny thing is, the fake is and was more "Real" than the real... it's fucked.

I go to my college roommates wedding in 4 days. He's a lawyer now, paid as fuck. Works for Facebook or someshit. I'm happy for him. He stayed "loyal". When my old friends met him, they were jealous. Saying that they were "losing me" to my knew friends... funny part, my "knew friends" were loyal.. were Roman... I only value loyalty, hugs, love, and wanting the best for those you care about. I don't have hate in my blood...

Fuck that, what's the point? If you can' t smile for someone else, how can you smile for yourself? I was raised with druggy, white, mutt trash in a small town. Small minded, no dreams, saw nothing over the horizon. Most are incarcerated, mundane lives, bitter, talking about, "High school, and remember that I scored 4 touchdowns in one game", mentality.

I've transcended... I'm gone.. I lost my old friends.. I didn't even keep the photographs.. I guess I didn't care as much as I pretended to... L.A. took my soul... but, I probably didn't have much of one to begin with.. such is life. Hopefully a brand new BMW will bring me happiness...

That's all there is.... all there is.


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Submitted by RoadSong at 2017-09-24 14:18:59 EDT (#)

Dammit man
If it stole your soul, just fukkin leave!

Submitted by ClubbedSeal at 2017-09-17 16:41:18 EDT (#)

If you need a soundtrack to your writing
, you write like shit

Submitted by OathMeal at 2017-09-14 10:55:11 EDT (#)
Rating: -1

Submitted by Linus at 2017-09-14 00:22:58 EDT (#)

Nothing you said was true.

Submitted by Shlongy at 2017-09-12 10:11:42 EDT (#)
Rating: -2

I thought that you had quit posting to allow yourself more time on the Uberboard, where shorter sentences allowed for less spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?

Submitted by messmind at 2017-09-12 07:04:31 EDT (#)

Most people think that having mooney solves everything, while the challenge starts there ...
It takes some guts to stay alive, and not being disappointed by the world around us.
Don't expect anything, and find targets to achieve. Stop balancing what should not be too completely balanced, stop searching for the unfindable. Breathe , eat , dream , enjoy .

Out at five, catch General Sherman at five-thirty, clean him at six, eat
him at six-thirty, back in bed by seven with no incriminating evidence.
Heh heh heh. The perfect crime.

-- Homer Simpson
The War of the Simpsons