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It doesn't matter what they actually think, because you're the problem, not them.
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Submitted by Murphy1844 at 2018-08-27 04:28:11 EDT
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I’ve posted here a while ago. Tonight I thought I’d check in to review current posts by other people, and to review the posts I wrote before.

I didn’t do a big dive, in terms of what’s current and new, but I clicked enough to get a sense of (and hopefully a taste for) current events. I’m not happy. I may not have clicked enough, but I have a general idea. It was about like that years ago, where bait vs. content rules. A correct and, in my view, perverse perception of what is or isn’t good or worth your time.

I’m not old, potential friends and virtual families. But I am older.

I typically write with some sort of purpose. Though my field of work is technology, I don’t know much about posts and blogging and whatever it is this site is. I don’t know Bart, though I did leave a voicemail years ago when I was in Chicago. I don’t know, or even really care, if he’s in Chicago today. If he is and he reads this: hey there. Thanks for allowing people to review their thoughts from a while ago. It is, for me, meaningful and significant.

I want to share stories with you.

Tonight I talked with some dude at a bar outside of Phoenix AZ. He was a big brother, all concerned about his little sis rebounding from a fucked up marriage she had. At first, I didn’t care, always wallowing about me me me, and then I said to this fella: “I’m gonna grab a smoke outside.” He was agreeable, letting me know he didn’t smoke.

Outside, I plucked a smoke and smoked from my pack one-by one, and pulled up shit I wrote years ago on this site. I compared it to my brief glance that I mentioned earlier, and read reviews from people just like you. I guess I was ok.

Outside, and totally bored with this dude inside, and all by myself, I thought. He was talking about something that had to do with his sister... right. I asked older or younger and he said younger right. It had something to do with him not being so hot on his sister talking to other dudes and giving them HER number and I thought right. I didn’t really get it I guess. Probably because I didn’t really care.

Look: I am a purveyor of people. A lot of times, I either don’t care or understand. Tonight it was both. So I made a point to myself that when I finished this smoke, I’d walk in and be focused on what this dude was saying, just so that I didn’t completely lose interest in what makes most people tick.

I’m good at this stuff, when I care to be. I asked a bunch of questions and didn’t interrupt his answers. Turns out, he’s a semi-professional golfer who plays poker on the side to keep his mind sharp! Sensational!

Also turns out that, while I’m writing this, I’m drunk and need to work tomorrow. And that I don’t give a shit about tomorrow and that I’m going to continue drinking anyway. And that nothing, nothing that dude had to say interested me one bit. But when I said, “hey, nice chatting with you, even though I’ll probably never see you again” and shook his hand I really did mean all the best, as I do with most people. I just didn’t give a fuck.



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Submitted by Bubba2341 at 2018-11-30 16:00:00 EST (#)
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Submitted by RoadSong at 2018-09-19 18:43:43 EDT (#)

‘Thanks for allowing people to review their thoughts from a while ago. It is, for me, meaningful and significant.’
Yep thanks for the good times

Submitted by blackbear at 2018-09-09 00:21:23 EDT (#)
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Submitted by Murphy1844 at 2018-09-08 03:35:37 EDT (#)

Thoughtful humor cheers. It’s a worthwhile aim.


Submitted by Shlongy at 2018-09-04 11:32:39 EDT (#)
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Okey dokey.

Submitted by RoadSong at 2018-08-30 09:21:28 EDT (#)
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There's an empty spot I've always had inside me. I tried to fill it with
family, religion, community service. But those were all dead ends. I
think this chair is the answer.

-- Homer Simpson

Post again Murphy

Submitted by DaBeast at 2018-08-29 07:19:44 EDT (#)
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That's fine for you, Marge. But I used to rock and roll all night and
party every day. Then it was every other day. Now I'm lucky if I can
find half an hour a week in which to get funky. I've got to get out of
this rut and back into the groove!

-- Homer Simpson

Submitted by bart at 2018-08-27 12:31:59 EDT (#)
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One day you may achieve something that we Simpsons have dreamed about
for generations. You may outsmart someone.

-- Homer Simpson
Bart the Genius