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'Macbeth' , Updated For The Twentieth Century, Part III

Submitted by Quartermain at 2004-06-02 11:58:19 EDT
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Having won past the Scylla and Charybdis of turning in my senior thesis and graduating from college, I now have a bit more free time. So here is Part III of 'Macbeth'

Part I: http://www.ubersite.com/m/32147
Part II: http://www.ubersite.com/m/32339

All of sudden the wind gusts up and it blows some dirt into MACBETH”S and BANQUONETTI’s faces. When they can see again, ANONYMOUS is gone.

WILL: (shakes his head) What have I told you about talking to those people? We’re lucky he was the harmless kind of loon, and not some kind of violent psychotic.

BANCO: (shakes his head too) What the hell do they put in the drinks here? That’s the last time you get to order. From now on, I’m sticking to the vino, and Sambucca.

WILL: (regains his previous good mood) Apparently I stand corrected. You won’t be going home alone tonight after all.

BANCO: (Not catching on) How is it that you figure?

WILL: (smirking) According to the random loon, you’re going to be a much better parent than you are a lawyer. Which wouldn’t be hard.

BANCO: (theatrical mock shudder at the thought of him ‘tied down’ to one woman and some kids) Yeah, well, when you’re all high and mighty in your penthouse, don’t forget us peasants in the trenches.

MACBETH is about to retort, when his phone rings. He answers it and hears LENOX’S voice.

LENOX: (briskly) Macbeth? Good. Mr. Duncan has heard about your successful conclusion to the Macdonwald case. He was very impressed by your skilful handling of such a sensitive manner. I trust you know where the executive suites are?

WILL: Yea-Yes sir. (He’s not a kiss-ass, but he’s a wee bit taken aback, and LENOX is DUNCAN’s personal assistant after all, and it never hurts to be polite.)

LENOX: Good, because you have an appointment with Mr. Duncan tomorrow at 9 A.M. He wants to congratulate you personally and give you the keys to your new office.

WILL: (still a little at sea) Thank you…uh, my new office?

LENOX: (letting a little hint of asperity and impatience leak into his voice, he’s not really a people person) Yes. Your new office. Now that Macdonwald is a happy memory, we seem to have an executive vacancy; one that Mr. Duncan feels is best filled from within the firm. When you come in tomorrow, you’ll find your things in Macdonwald’s former office. Your salary will, of course, reflect this.

WILL: (in shock, can’t believe this) You’ve got to be kidding me.

LENOX: (dryly) I don’t possess a sense of humour that I am aware of. (Hangs up)

BANCO: (who has been eavesdropping) As you Americans say, ‘How are you liking of those apples right there?’ (smirks)

WILL: (with affectedly heavy patience) First of all, Luigi, the expression is ‘How’ bout dem apples?’ and secondly, looks like you better break out the baby name book.

BANCO: (still smirking, then soberly) In all seriousness, you don’t think any of this is at all weird? Some vagrant tells you your future and it comes true within ten minutes? What’s next, you get to the meeting tomorrow and Signor Duncan tells you that he’s retiring and wants you to take over? I’ve seen Twilight Zone episodes start this way, and they never end well.

WILL: (still not taking this too seriously) The first two came true, why shouldn’t the third? Besides, I always knew I’d end up running the place eventually. (shrugs) Let it happen when it happens. (beat) And since when do they have ‘The Twilight Zone’ in Sicily? I thought you people had yet to master the flush toilet, much less television.

BANCO sputters in mock outrage and the two of them begin to walk towards the subway, arguing and laughing.

Scene Change: A high-class Upper West Side type apartment in a building called Dunsinane Towers. It’s nicely furnished, and done with obvious class and taste. A woman who looks identical to Julianne Moore is sitting on an expensive leather couch. This is Lydia Macbeth nee Ross, WILL’s wife. Having just gotten home from some kind of event, she is barefoot, but still wearing an expensive evening gown. Her shoes are sitting next to the couch where she has kicked them off. The dress is backless and dark red and just high enough in the back to be decent. It falls to the floor, but is slit up the side to the top of her right thigh. It’s a ‘sexy librarian’ type of dress. It’s looks very proper and formal, but appearances can be deceiving sort of thing. She is also wearing a choker with a pendant that is diamond shaped, except that the bottom of the diamond is longer than the top and comes to a fine point. In short, it looks like a dagger. She unconsciously toys with this while she listens to a message that WILL has left her on their machine.

Freeze Frame and Scroll Script across the bottom: DUNSINANE TOWERS, APARTMENT OF WILLIAM AND LYDIA MACBETH 23:00.

WILL’S VOICE: (excited) I won the case, Lyds, just like I knew I would. I went out to celebrate with Banco and a couple of people from the firm, and the weirdest damn thing happened. Banco and I were leaving and this old homeless guy told us our fortunes. At least I think it was a guy, it’s kind of hard to tell with those people. Anyways, he told me I would get Macdonwald's job and that I would end up as the head of the firm. About ten minutes later, guess who calls me? Lenox. He says that Duncan wants to see me to congratulate me and give me the keys to my new office. Said I was being given Macdonwald’s position ‘in light of my contribution to the firm.’ How about that? Next thing you know, it’ll be ‘Duncan, Ross, Seward, and Macbeth’. (chuckles) Think you’d like being a partner’s wife? Anyways, just wanted to call and share the good news, I’ll see you in a bit. ‘Bye.

LYDIA (Voiceover; she is thinking the following lines, while she plays with her pendant): I knew this case would get you noticed when you first told me about it, Will. Because of what happened to you in law school, you had to start in my father’s company as an associate, but now you’ve finally moved up to the executive level. You always had the big plans. I could see the ambition in you…it’s what attracted me to you in the first place. The only thing I worry about is that you might not have the stones to do what is necessary in order to realise those ambitions and let us live the kind of life we deserve.

While she has been saying this, she has gotten up from the couch, moved down the hall, and into their bedroom. She stops in front of a large mirror positioned above her dresser and looks at her reflection in it. She turns this way and that, assessing herself.

When you get home, we’ll have to discuss your new promotion, and our future, and what we can do to secure it. You may not like it, but I’ll see if I can’t provide you with some (beat) (beat) incentives.

In the pause between ‘some’ and ‘incentives’, LYDIA unfastens the tie at the back of her neck and the dress drops to the floor. The audience is looking over her shoulder at her in the mirror, which hits right above her breasts. She can see her naked body, but we can’t. She looks at herself, both at what we can see in the mirror, and at what we can’t, with a critical eye and approves of what she sees. She then reaches out, picks up a robe off of a hook near the dresser and puts it on, just as the bedside phone rings.


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Submitted by Man O' War at 2004-06-03 02:14:25 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Submitted by AJ at 2004-06-03 01:48:52 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

I just got to reading this. Fantastic.

Submitted by euripidestrousers at 2004-06-02 19:39:51 EDT (#)
Rating: 0

Submitted by youarsoghey at 2004-06-02 13:42:42 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

Submitted by lawryde at 2004-06-02 12:25:12 EDT (#)
Rating: 1


Submitted by Judoka at 2004-06-02 12:17:45 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

This is great

Submitted by AJ at 2004-06-02 12:02:41 EDT (#)
Rating: 2

You post it right as I'm leaving for work... bastard. I'll have to read it tonight.

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